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Freedom from emotional manipulation

Build the relationships you deserve, not the ones you think you need.

Mental Health and Physical Health Cooper City

Discover the connections that nurture and heal both mind and body.

Collaborative Assessment Cooper City

A state of the art, short-term intervention that can create life-changing psyche shifts through therapeutic assessment techniques.


You are not a collection of symptoms. You’re a complex human being who deserves not only freedom from distress, but a rewarding and fulfilling life full of laughter, love, and radiant relationships.

I will help you draw on your strengths, find answers to the questions you’ve had about you and your challenges, and help you remove your roadblocks to the resilient life that’s in your grasp.

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Have you found that other professionals just treat your symptoms via “quick fix” therapy or medication, and then you discover that the underlying difficulties are still there?

It’s important to alleviate your symptoms, but that is not the whole picture. It’s taken a lifetime to create those underlying difficulties, but that doesn’t mean it will take a lifetime to correct. Focusing on personality as your psychological immune system is key to lasting, wide-ranging improvement.

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Approach to Therapy Cooper City
Relationship Therapy Cooper City

Do you seem to endlessly struggle with “impossible” relationships (family, friends, romantic)?

Would it surprise you to realize that you’ve likely been “trained well” throughout your life to respond the way others want, and that anything else is uncomfortable? Small, key shifts can allow you to build more mutually satisfying bonds with important people in your life, while limiting the effects of those who may be toxic.

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Do you struggle with self-critical feelings, or disempowerment in dealing with others? Do you notice it affecting everything, even your health?

When you don’t feel like you can be effective in your own life, it affects everything, from the way you feel about yourself to the way you feel, physically. Learn and believe in what it is you deserve by building self-trust, self-respect, and prioritizing what is most important.

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Individual Therapy Cooper City
Tell Your Story - Self Assessment

Are you ready to make real, lasting changes and forget the life you really deserve?

Let you become the author of your own life, rather than feel like you’re written into a story in which you have little control. The facts of your narrative so far will not change, but the story you tell yourself about your history, and the way you tell your story moving forward, can make all the difference.

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You’re likely here because you found yourself stuck and frustrated.

Maybe it’s been like this for a while and by now, you’re highly worried, deeply depressed, or even angry. It’s understandable; NONE of us came from ideal circumstances, and you’ve likely done the best you can do on your own, or even with the help of other therapists.

Now it’s time for some help. We can help you…

  1. Learn answers to your seemingly unanswerable questions and regain a sense of direction.
  2. Reinvigorate the “feeling” part of you, so that you’re open to the joy and celebration of life, rather than clamping down and trying not to feel.
  3. Just like with physical fitness, build a robust psyche that opens you up to greater aspiration, more fulfilling relationships, and continued freedom from distress.

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