PsychFitness Dr. Seth Grossman Services - Fort Lauderdale TherapySo, you know the importance of taking care of your body. Isn’t it also important you take care of your emotional well-being?

Your investment in what I call “PsychFitness” is a lot like physical fitness. Achieving and maintaining fitness goes a long way to support all the different aspects of your life.

And just like with physical fitness, the best results happen when you work together with your doctors and specialists, and take charge in building a healthy support system and active routine. Your diet, lifestyle, stress, relationships, and genealogy all play a role in your physical well-being. It’s not just following “doctor’s orders.” It’s being proactive and engaged in the whole health process.

At the core of all my offerings is the belief that YOU are the very best expert on you. My role, as your collaborator-in-chief, is to help you not only recognize your expertise, but successfully take charge and navigate your path toward a more fulfilling, more meaningful life.

Here are some of the ways you can achieve and maintain PsychFitness:

Individual Psychotherapy

One-on-one sessions to build resilience, enhance life strategies, and reduce psychological distress, so that you can more effectively manage the situations, relationships, and challenges in your life.

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Group and Couples/Family Psychotherapy

These services emphasize improvement in personal relationships by focusing on both interpersonal dynamics and your role in interacting with others.

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Health Improvement Consultation

Learn about the role of your personal psychology in maintaining and improving health, from getting in shape to managing serious health concerns

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Collaborative Assessment

My premier service: A highly powerful, short-term therapeutic treatment combining state-of-the-art assessment techniques with direct, immediate, game-changing intervention methods. See if you’re ready to make profound changes in your life!

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